If a guy you are seeing has 45 minute phone conversations most nights with you does that mean he is pretty interested?

I assume a guy doesn't like to be on the phone talking that long if he wasn't interested. Some nights he calls me first and other nights I call him. It's usually about 50/50. Our conversations usually talk about how each of our days went and sometimes we get into more deeper talks regarding outlook on life. We have been seeing each other for a few months now.

We talked for about 45 minutes last night but I haven't heard a single thing from him today yet. I know the day isn't over but when I don't hear from him it makes me wonder.

Guys, what do phone conversations mean to you?


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  • I can't speak for ALL guys but most of us hate being on the phone so, if we're talking to a girl for 45 minutes, it means we like her.

    • Even if we don't talk every night you still believe that means he is into me? Our phone conversations have started to become more consistent lately.

    • Yes. I can personally guarantee that all of the girls I've spent 45 minutes on the phone with, I've either dated or wanted to date.

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  • yeah my bf and i spoke on the phone every few nights for an hour. and i know he likes me.. haha.

  • I'm not a guy but I would say he must be pretty interested :)

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  • I wouldn't worry that you haven't heard from him. You've been seeing each other for awhile and have long nightly convos…both good signs.