Opinion/Thoughts on texting in dating/relationships?

Perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned, but personally I hate using text to consistently carry out conversations as the tone just makes things boring quite often and I'd rather just chat on the phone or something cuz I have a hard time building attraction and communicating through words on a screen.

I do think texting is great when phone call/in person isn't doable or if it's just a short little message or reminder, but find myself annoyed by how much most girls seem to expect/want you to text them.

Most recently the girl I was dating thought I wasn't interested in her because I wouldn't text her all day. I told her I didn't like texting but ultimately made an effort because I liked her.

In general though what is everyone's thoughts on texting? Like if you wanted a guy to text you and he just flat out said I don't like it what's your reaction?


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  • I recently encountered a situation like this...lesson learned, phoning is always better. Texting should only be used small messages or quick replies.

    • I didn't answer your question ;)
      I wouldn't mind if a guy said that, as long as he followed through with a phone call. :)


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  • I hate texting all the time, calling IS better.


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  • I've been with my girlfriend for a long time, so we know each other's tone through text based on the context of the situation.

    It is hard for new relationships though.

  • Texting should only be used to confirm plans, or short little notes as you described.