Play it slow and wait for her to give me her number or should I ask for it first?

I've been talking to this girl for the past two weeks and our messages are reaching a pg long or longer. I've always asked for a girl's number after 5 messages to ask her out over the phone; however, we've been talking so quickly it's been 10 messages each. The problem is that this girl lives 2.5 hrs away so its not like we'll be seeing each other anytime soon but I'm concerned that if I wait too long she'll lose interest. Should I play it slow and wait till she gives me her number, should I ask for it now, or wait a little longer and ask later?


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  • Ask for her number (: You can always say I have to go, but you should text me. I've had a couple guys ask for my number like that, so girls don't think it's weird. (:

  • Do not wait, just move forward and get the show on the road before another guy comes along lol


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