Does my bf sound to controlling?

My bf use to get on my case about how I never go out with my friends. Which for one the only thing to do in the town we live in is go to the bar because it's a small town and nothing else to do. I'd rather save the drama and not go to the bar. He tells me he doesn't care if I do go. Well last Thursday I went with one of my friends for a couple hours. I told him I was going after work and then an hour later he text asking where I was. I told him and asked if he was coming. Because his parents and brother were there too. He said no. I was home about an hour and a half after that. He didn't say much when I got home and didn't seem mad. But then the next morning he wasn't saying much and I asked if he was mad and he's like should i be and I said no. He's like well I guess I'll find out. Then Monday night we went to the bar together and we were talking to one of my friends. I don't know what subject we were on but my friend said something and my bf said that he gets me on a tight lease. And that he should make it tighter. What does he exactly mean by that? Does he sound controlling? And why would he say he doesn't care if i go out but really he does.


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  • Wow. He's more controlling than a TV remote.


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  • Basically he means that ur his B****
    And that was very disrespectful of him to say that, in my opinion