I am a bit confused about the girl i have been dating for 3 weeks now.?

We have been going out and have been talking a lot on the web - like from the afternoon till late at night. But when I want to escalate she refuses, like when in a cafe i do touch her, or kind of hug her, she says something like don't do that. yearly the weeks I did try to hug her and I was shy, and we spoke about it and she said that she can be very shy around me, and that she likes the way things goes. Every time I ask her out she agrees to go, ie I think that she isn't using me for some reason, and she isn't just ready yet. But I am not sure, Thus I am asking for your advise. She seems to be a girlfriend material, maybe because of that she just wants things to go slow, IDK. I have never been in a relationship - long term. Thus I am a bit puzzled on the way to go. Thanks in advance.


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  • It sounds like she just want to be friends


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  • I think she is just shy and wants to take things slow. If you really want to be with her an you don't mind taking it slow then talk to her about it if she has told you she's shy then she probably is. Or she's not really big about PDA but I say just talk to her :)

  • What is her cultural background and how old is she?

    • she is christian if you meant that, she is from Europe, she is 25 years old.

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