I've been thinking why can't thing's be more simpler.?

I've been thinking why can't thing's be more simpler, why can't we just go out, and get to know one another better, instead of judging you could of possible made a new friend or something else, what I'm trying to say is, isn't it better to have a fun day out than to never of given a chance :)


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  • They can and they can't.
    If I go out with a guy on a date, I'm probably already attracted to him. Still, I'm not in love yet so the purpose is to get to know him better while trying to be myself and see how it goes.

    If I go out with a guy thinking he's just a friend, chances are he'll be forever just a friend since I was probably never attracted to him in the first place. Guess that's what people call the friend zone

    I can't just go out for fun without labeling what our relationship is, guess I'm pretty rational and black and white there.
    Even kids, they make friends everywhere, but there's always a title. Not like "I'm hanging out with X, see you later", and then you're asked "who's X?"...
    "oh, just... someone? Nobody"?


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  • Because we set expectations for the other person and if they don't meet them it's world ending, or we try to meet the other person's expectations and they think we're someone we're not. And then they get hurt when they find out


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  • I agree. People need to just mellow.