Is she just his rebound or what?

My ex bf has a girlfriend since the start of may and they already had sex and my ex has pictures of me on his wall but when his gf comes round he takes them down and whenever his gf isn't with him he always talks about me I'm not sure if she's just he's rebound.


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  • Totally. I see some reboundage going on.

    • Do you think so?

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    • He doesn't want her to know she's the rebound lol

    • But the funny thing is she dumped him and he asked her back out and she said yes.


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  • it sounds like he is in a bad relationship thats for sure, whether its a rebound (i don't know how long y'all have been broken up for), i'm not sure.

    • I broke up with him in February and he got with the new girls at the start of may

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    • erm it sounds like he either has really bad taste in girls or he was desperate to move on and she was the first available.

    • Yeah I'm one of them bad taste in girls.

  • didn't i just answer this question?