Signs she's into me? I want to be more than friends?

We are friends and get on well. She teases me and called me a numpty. Once when she was spraying perfume she sprayed some on me. I thanked her for something she said "that's ok my love"


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  • likes u as a friend... trust me.. just went through this... if she teases u alone. then she has something for u... if she does to everyone. then she see u only as a friend... they all say and do just like that.. if she has feelings for u. they won't do these things... been there felt that pain

    • She does tease me when we're alone but with others she makes fun in more offensive and less playful manner. For example pointing out my flaws. She'd only call me funny names when we're alone.

    • she is a tease and not into you. if she teases u when u are alone. thats nothing but to reduce the level of awkwardness and she is loosening her tension by teasing and as well as speaking with u... just ask her out... if she say no just move on. she is just a tease. trust me. check my questions over the past 6 months i have been through the hell hole and enlightned... so in the words of my guru user YADDAYADDAYADDA2 just ask her out. if she say no. she is not interested dont waste time... she is playing with u. u may argue she may be shy so saying NO. what ever damn shy she maybe. she would love to pounce on oppurtunity to be with u. a shy girl is shy cause of others. not cause of u. she will be not at all shy when alone with crush

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  • There's not enough information here. Girls flirt all the time, even if they aren't interested.

    If you're interested in her, keep flirting back. Provide more information here.


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  • I wouldn't take much from it. She's probably just being friendly. If she starts doing these types of things ONLY with you, then it'd mean that she likes you.

    Right now, it sounds to me like more playful banter than anything else.