The dating world upside down: the chase?

When do you guys know that a girl is chasing you (instead of the other way around)?


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  • Pretty much immediately.

    • How do you know? Can you give some examples?

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    • I see. Taking notes :)

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  • There's no predefined actions that tell me that they're chasing me; I can just tell over time. Stuff like excessive texting, trying to start random conversations, never wanting to end conversations/interactions, etc.

    • And what would your reaction be? Say you're interested enough?

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    • So the never-show-too-much-interest-rule doesn't always apply?

    • well you never want to come across as overly desperate. I doubt I will ever have interest in you if I get that feeling from you

  • We don't know if they are chasing I just see signals heavy eye contact, smiling, and flirting.

  • Well duh.

    The moment she gives you her contact information without you asking is a clear indication/.


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  • I would like to know as well... I think I am doing everything right while playing it cool and then the guy gets upset with me and says I obviously don't like him. I thought the whole time I was making it clear I did?

    • But when you do the opposite, you are being too eager...i'm confused as well.

    • Right? If we show too much interest we are clingy and if we try to be the cool chick that we think they are looking for, they lose interest because we didn't give them the right signals. I guess we should just do whatever we want to do and stop over thinking!

    • Yeah, i guess it depends, and you just have to follow your natural gut feeling. Not that this works out every time, but it's better than overanalyzing things :)