What do you think about the Car someone is driving?

I have had the same car since I was 18. Nothing is wrong with it. I have no clue how the thing has run this long and has Never broken down. ( knock on wood )

But as of late the paint job has faded and it has gone to rust. I live in FL so the sun and hurricanes dont do me any favors.

I want to get it painted but I don't know why i would waste money getting my first car painted. That and the fact it has a few dings because of the idiots at walmart who keep hitting my car int he parking lot. ( replaced my mirror twice due to people hitting my car). With my luck it would be ruined the week after it gets done.

But i feel bad about myself whenever I look at it. Like it's keeping women away from me.


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  • Don't waste your money. If it's an older car might as well run it into the ground and when you can afford it buy a new one!

    I am critical of people's cars but in the opposite of what you would think. I hate when guys sink money into their vehicles and pimp them out. Nothing wrong with rust as long as it runs it's fine.


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  • My boyfriend drives the most beat up, rusted, little truck I have ever laid eyes on. Didn't bother me one bit, I actually loved it since most of the time he was giving me rides home from work before we started dated.

  • LOL. It's not keeping women away. Having a car at all is pretty awesome, making hanging out easier.

  • I've got a beat up car and so does my SO. I could not care less. I think it's attractive that you're not wasting money on silly aesthetics. Honestly, it hurts when I see people with incredibly expensive cars. It just seems pointless to me.

  • Women should appreciate the fact that you even have a car.. Some womenz are taking the bus around with their significant other lol and some don't even have a car themselves. Don't feel bad, dude.

    • I don't even mind the bus. I would love to move to a city and get rid of the thing. I honestly Hate cars.

      I had a few exes who wouldn't even ride the bus because they thought it was below them.

  • no dont worry about it, the condition of your car doesn't repel women


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