Being "respectful" towards ex bf who cheated?

I was with my ex for 3 years and along the way he was emotionally cheating on me. I am just about sure it became physical towards the end of our relationship. It has been two months since we have broken up and about a month since we have spoke. I broke up with him but wanted him back (cycle).

So now I want to start dating and such. I am mostly over him. I know I wouldn't want to be back with him now but still want to be nice, I suppose.

Since he was the one cheating and didn't want to get back together should I just start dating and not care? By the way the man I want to start dating was his friend before. I have no intentions on making him jealous though.

I just want to know if I am being disrespectful here towards my ex by already dating. I am almost sure he is seeing the girl he was cheating on me with.

  • Go ahead-it's been enough time and he cheated
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  • Wait-for many reasons
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  • Hold your horses you young mare! You have been tied to a guy, emotionally and physically for three years, broke up with him and after only two month's, two month's!! of being single in three years you want to date again? You need to figure out who you are first! You lost your sense of independence and what you want with your life because you have been dependent on a person for so long. Hence why it's so tempting to get back into a relationship as you are having relationship withdrawls--real thing #science. Best thing you can do and I know it's hard but you need a solid 1 year off without sex with anyone. You can hang out with guys, make out with them even, but what ever you do, don't have sex until the year is over and you have gained your sense of self.

    Carry on little mare, carry on.


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  • You don't owe him any respect, so don't worry if anyone thinks it's disrespectful.

    No one has a right to respect; it has to be earned, and he didn't earn much!

  • How is it being disrespectful? At least you waited till the relationship was over to start dating. Go for it guilt free. eff his feelings.

  • Go for it champ!


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  • i see no reason to wait, to start dating again