How can I get a gf when I'm extremely shy? Shy guys how did you overcome your shyness and get a gf?

How can I get a gf when I'm extremely shy? Shy guys how did you overcome your shyness and get a gf?


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  • You just kinda have to force yourself to do it. It helps if you work on yourself..make sure you are in shape, have a decent haircut and decent clothes...that will help you feel more confident.

    Be interesting. If you're not interesting, get interesting. Have something in your life you're passionate about. Something you can converse about. Even if it's stamp collecting. Of course, your greatest chances will be to get around other stamp collectors who are female.

    Realize that no matter how hot a woman is, some guy is tired of putting up with her shit. And women are WAY more insecure than you think. The hottest ones even moreso.

    Make a woman reject you. NEVER assume she wouldn't be interested. Approach any woman like she'd be attracted to you.

    Don't think to hard. IF you see a woman you want to approach, go up to her within 3 seconds. Don't give your doubts time to talk you out of it.

    • This was very helpful!! Thank you. .


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  • Make small friendly talk with a women you are interested in first. You could also be dealing with a shy women. If she is, you will have to approach her differently. Don't just walk up to them and ask them out cause you will fluster them and scare them off. But be careful not to get friend zoned. You want to be friendly, but don't take it to the friend point. Ask her out fairly fast. Work is a good place to find people to be in a relationship with. As long as you all don't work in the same area or side by side.

    • Thanks but at my work we are not allowed to get in relationships to Co workers

  • Are you struggling to meet women because you are shy? Or are you shy with women you meet. You could join some clubs you are interested in to meet women and gradually build up relationships with them to build you confidence I think your shyness would gradually and naturally disappear the more you get to know them. Women won't bite (ok some might) you need to think about what it is that's making you shy and try and over come it. It might even be an idea to look at some self help sites or books. I hope this helps in some way..

    Please answer mine?


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  • Depends on the severity and you can and cannot do. If you're clinically shy you rarely even leave the house and that won't work. If you're just nervous like most normal people it's different and depends on the places you frequent and the things you like to do.

    • Where are some good places to meet women besides clubs and bars?

    • Anywhere really; coffee shops and other public buildings are fine places. The issue isn't place it's timing and presence and usually people don't have either. Building a reputation and being present regularly will suit you better in many cases esp. if around others of the same nature.

  • There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to helping shy people overcome their shyness. Google them. Pick a free one. (There's many free ones.)

    Work through their exercises, don't skip any, and it'll take you about 6 months.

    • It's not shyness in general it's just shyness with women.

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    • Holy crap, I have to do the google for you as well?

      Oh I can't possibly see you giving up before you hit the end...

    • I know how to google but I enjoy talking to peeps on here better