What are some signs a guy likes you after he breaks up with a close friends of yours? How can I tell that he likes me? Help me!

I have liked him for about 2 months now. He broke up with my friend about a month ago. We are really close and we talk for many hours just about life. He tells me everything and so do I. I really like him. We are both 15 years old. We have a lot in common about the past. He is really attractive and also has a very very amazing personality. We always have eye contact. He sometimes touches me by giving me a high five and holds my hand longer after the high five. I just feel a spark, if he hugs me its awkward a little. How can I tell if he likes me or not I need some help!


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  • Sounds like you have an admirer ^^ he's probably shy and is afraid to say or do anything else to show his affection because of you being his exs friend


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  • It sounds like he does, he is talking to you, and holding your hand; those are good signs