Is it worth the shot again or should I just leave it?

Usual regular story, started liking this guy who lives near me a few years back, and never had the guts to tell him how I felt. He is a very close friend and didn't want to ruin anything! Then he started having a thing with another girl, gutting! In January we had gotten really close and I decided enough was enough and told him how I my surprise the night before he had ended this thing with the girl and said he had feelings for me! After a couple of weeks of constantly being with each other he decided he didn't know what to do anymore and refused to talk about it. Since then we are always with each other and each other's families, he always sticks up for me in school but absolutely loves winding me up whenever he gets the opportunity to! We still are as close as friends as ever before but now we are leaving schools and going to university, is it worth it to say again how I still feel? Or should I just leave it?


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  • Make a clean break. He is clearly not mature enough be honest and open about his feelings. If he is still unable to decide whether or not he wants something more with you, then he probably never will have romantic feelings for you. Honestly, it can be confusing sometimes. Guys will sometimes subconsciously feign romantic interest because they really just want sex, which can leave women confused. Girls on the other hand, are very bad at overtly rejecting men. Not really sure why, considering the majority of the attractive ones have to have gotten used to doing it for so long, but that's another story. Don't waste your time. Heck, he's going to another University for God's sake! If that isn't a sign that it was never meant to be, I don't know what is!


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  • Well you can always just be like well whats going to happen. If he is refusing to talk bout it then that could be a bad sign. But you will never know unless you ask.