Do I make a horrible girl friend?

I like my freedom to come and go as I please. If I'm doing me, and staying faithful... I don't want to be told anything. I have mostly male friends. I don't like PDAs. I don't n need you, but want you.


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  • I think relationships should be that way. its up to the individual to do what's best for their relationship; if your significant other has to regulate you to keep you faithful then you're not ready. My ex went out with her male friends all the time. I only worried about keeping her happy at home. She eventually decided to cross the line with another man and so I left her. I still feel the same way... if I find myself in another relationship, she can do whatever she feels is right... I do expect the same freedom and respect. Don't treat me like a cheater when I'm with my female friends if you want me to trust you with your male friends. Final note: If you feel the urge to cheat then you will keep your respect by letting me know that you need change and our relationship won't last... that's how I operate; I have never cheated.

    • If I feel even tempted to cheat, to me that means its time to break up...or at least figure myself out. No reason to drag him through me not knowing what i want. I get what u mean.


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  • Not necessarrily. First try to get a good contact with a guy. Than, rather sooner than later, tell him that this is what you want.
    Many guys, like me, would not have a problem to give you some freedom.
    Obviously, in a relationship you must invest. You'll have to compromise as well :-)

  • You sound alright to me.


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