How can I tell him we need to talk?

I've been talking to this guy for a few months. I really like him but the past week he just hasn't talked to me much. His very close friend said he really likes me. I want to get together with him and figure this out. Should I text him my schedule and ask him to do something? Should I tell him we need to talk. I don't want him to be nervous but were both pretty shy.


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  • Text him a message that you would like to get together, and give him your schedule. And in turn, ask him what His is if he Might like to hang out.
    No, don't mention anything about This little chat. Many of today's toms grow cold duck feet when it comes to "We need to talk," and you don't want him running into the murky waters before you have had a chance to flock together and see where things might go.
    Whatever it is, go slow and easy, and weigh your words at first.
    Good luck.xx


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  • Whenever I hear the words "we need to talk" I get chills. Why don't you try asking something like "why don't we get together?" or "let's meet up soon"?

  • First, don't start it with 'we need to talk'; lol that sounds like you're about to friend zone him.
    You don't really Have to say anything, see a movie, catch a dinner- randomly touch/caress arm/leg/whatever when you sneak in a kiss on lips.
    He'll get the point


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  • I think you had a better idea, send your schedule..