Testing the waters before going after the girl?

Why do guys stand back a observe a girl they like for a while before going after the girl?
And if a guy is taking the time to get to know a girl before asking her out on a date, does it mean he really like her and wants to make sure she feels the same way?


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  • Why wouldn't they?

    • So if a guy is doing this his interested in a future relationship with that girl?

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    • Thanks :(

    • :) I mean

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  • It main concern is getting to know someone
    that you later regret
    then she feels comfortable in pushing the friendship
    when not convenient and not desirable

    There's the gals that appear to be sane but later turn out to be crazy

  • Maybe he wants to be sure you're not a crazy person, or already in a relationship. Maybe he doesn't decide if he wants to date someone based purely on their looks, or maybe he's just not very confident.

  • of course I used to think twice before approaching a girl. fear of rejection, hesitation, trying to find out if she Is dating someone, if she is interested in me, does she like someone else. depends on the confidence I get from that girl, when I m gonna go for her, probably a weak or two or even more if I m not so confident about her or I don't have a proper source to approach eg, her friends etc.

  • If you observe her for a while interacting with others you can get a good idea of her basic character an personality so you know if she interest you or not


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