Hey ladies and guys if you wish. What kind of dog is a converaation starter? I have a papion and a husky?

Im told huskies are among of the top dogsto spark a coconversation with, and a small dog with a guy thats 6'7 wouldn't look right nor get a conversation started.


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  • I absolutely love animals, if I saw you with a husky I would definitely stop to stroke him/her. Papillons and huskies are definitely great dogs with women, I can imagine they'd be really popular and seeing a man being gentle and good with dogs for me at least is a big plus point :)

    My dogs do nothing for my social life, we have two bullmastiffs with muzzles lol.


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  • I LOVE Huskies, i have one myself dem eyes doe *.*
    Beagles are also super cute in my opinion & i love golden retrievers, but really any dog or cat for that matter is adorable i work as a vet assistant i love animals.

    Any guy that's good with animals is an plus in my book, and i wouldn't think less of a big guy or that he was somehow not "manly" if he had a small dog, or a cat.

    • He has them bright blue eyes too

  • I LOVE huskies =D They're one of my favorites :)
    I also really like German Sheppards, Labrador, Golden Retriever.
    To be honest, I like almost every kind of dog, so it wouldn't matter much to me, but yeah, I really love huskies haha =)

  • Any dog is a conversation starter. They're all so cute!


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