Do you think the more attractive you are, the easier dating gets? And why?

Or even the better whole package you are, the easier dating gets?

I hear that a lot, especially guys seem to think that really pretty girls have no issues finding a boyfriend.
Yet questions similiar to this one come up here quite a bit. If that theory was true, that girl should have no issues finding a partner.

I would think that dating is easiest for average looking people and harder for really hot and really ugly ones.
Why do people so often think it's so much easier if you're good looking?


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  • As someone that's gotten a lot of compliments on his looks, I can accurately say, being attractive is more of a helpful bonus than it is a necessity.
    It does help a lot, but you have to first have confidence and bravery.
    I say that because I don't have a lot of money (I only get 8 hours tops a week), and I don't have a car, and that just kills my confidence.
    Even when I catch girls looking at me like they wanna take a bite off my dick, I still don't talk to them cause I know as soon as they find out I'm a broke nigga with no car, their interest is gonna go way down.


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What Guys Said 3

  • You may get more OPPORTUNITIES, but beyond that, I don't think it makes dating any EASIER.

  • It isn't eaiser you still have too put in the effort

  • Of course it is. You just have to pick the one you like and say hi.


What Girls Said 3

  • in my opinion opinion dating is harder if you're really good looking because then you don't really know if that person really likes your for you, or just the way you look. Like if you woke up tomorrow looking half as good as before would they be gone? I've had some relationships where it turned out all they wanted is sex and i'm not like that, and some guy once told me your hot why wouldn't you? Lol like that's supposed to mean i'm easy :\

    And of course less good looking people have it hard of course, but at least once there with you, you know there with you for you, not your looks. So i'd say i think average looking people have it best just in my opinion from what relationships of friends & myself.

  • No.
    Maybe it's initially easier to get dates...but in the end it's the personality that determines most of what happens (in real relationships - not the ones only based on physical).

  • People think it's the easiest for good looking people because the first thing to attract you to someone is the way they look. Everyone knows this. Then you start getting to know them. But if you've known someone for a while and then begin to like them, you like them for who they are.
    It would be so much easier if people just looked like their personalities. If that makes sense.

    • Ya it does make sense, a lot of people say that

      But I think maybe for attractive people, others are to scared to ask them out

    • Well if they aren't asked out, they hear about people fancying them. If they fancy them back, they can make the first move.
      Most self assured "attractive" people have enough confidence to do that.