Is he interested in me? Please help!?

So I met this guy on tinder, we spoke all day every day and things were going well. We finally met up after a few days of talking and the date went amazing! He was a true gentleman and treated me how a girl should be treated. Needless to say we planned a second date. The texting cut down and it'd be one or two a day. The next time we met, it went just as well and we spent the night hugging and kissing, he never initiated anything more. I went on holiday the next day for a few days, I got a few texts over the holiday but nothing the last couple. I let him know I was home and he said he was definitely up for seeing me, I tried to arrange a day as he said he could do whenever, and no reply. Still nothing the next day so I tried again, he said he thought he'd replied, and said he could do the next day. I had work so I suggested during the week. Nothing. Still nothing the next day. He's a busy guy, but is he even interested or am I just being played here?


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  • It's like physics: an object in motion tends to stay in motion, and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. He's resting. Once you get the ball rolling again, he'll seem more interested. Once you have a decent amount of a break, it's easy to get used to being apart and even forget what he liked about you. When you find a time to meet up again, you can reignite what was there initially, and he'll be more active in arranging dates.

  • He might be just ask him