When to turn eye contact into a phone number exchange?

Sometimes when I'm on the bus or subway and make a lot of eye contact with a girl I feel like she's interested in me and try to get the confidence to ask her phone number but my female friends told me that it is bad to ask phone numbers to random people in the street.
of course I only consider it when they look bored or unhappy or really interested In me, because chances are they feel just like me, alone in the middle of so many people

do you think sometimes I should go for it? And when?


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  • Hey I would say in most instances your female friends are right, it goes back to that thing about not talking to strangers. But I would also say sometimes girls don't give guys enough credit when it comes to reading girls and if they are or not interested. I would say If you feel strongly that this girl is interested work up the courage to start a small conversation with her if she is immersed in the convo even if its about the weather she very well may be interested, if she is showing those signs like smiling and paying close attention to you I say exchange emails (not numbers In my opinion) because it is 2014 people are crazy. Work from there, you can always block emails from someone but changing your phone number is a pain in the a$$. Also learn to read girls that are not interested but being polite (Im one of those girls) even when Im not interested in a guy in public I will always be friendly and sometimes it can be taken as me being interested. Good luck!=)


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  • i obviously can't speak for all girls when I say this, but my number one turn on is a man with confidence and manners. Maybe don't just go straight up and ask for her number, you might scare her off. Next time you make eye contact flash her a smile! It shows your interested in a little more than just eye contact and if she flashes one back, so is she. Girls love compliments, so when you walk past to get off, say something like "you have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen" that'll have her blushing and she'll know you're keen. Next time you see her strike up a conversation with her! If the conversation goes well, ask for her number, if not, give it a bit more time. Remember to be confident, flirty & have manners, she'll love it.


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  • The best places to meet women is at the store, on busses and subway like you mentioned. One reason is that women aren't expecting it, however instead asking for their number, I recommend next time you see a girl you are interested in, shortly before your stop ask them for a pen. Take outa piece of paper, write down your first name and number then tell her to call you as you get off the bus.

    The more you do this, the more easy it will be and no most chicks won't call-- you have a 10-20% success rate but when eventually she does call make sure that you to have a plan B. Invite her to a social event or gathering or play etc...

    What's the worst that can happen? She not call you?