I thought he was generally interested in me but now I'm thinking was I just a hook-up attempt that failed?

I've been talking to this guy on the phone lately who goes to my college. We talked a lot about hanging out but never did. Last night, I went over to his place and met him in person for the first time. We watched a move and flirted a lot and fooled around, we didn't hook up though, I mean I barely know him but our conversations sounded like he was generally interested in getting to know me. When I left he said that he was happy we hung out and when got home I texted him that I had fun at hanging with him and he said "yeah thanks for coming over" He didn't call or text me today so now I'm thinking maybe he just wanted to hook-up with me after all and he didn't get what he wanted so he's just gonna drop me?


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  • give him a few more days to contact you, he might not want to look desperate

  • maybe..if on a first date a guy flirted and fooled around he might just want to hook up