Is he still interested or should I just move on and date more?

I went out on a second date with a guy last Monday. Because we were talking about it before, wanted to make me dinner to which I helped out with the preparation. We were joking about me wanting to see how "the chef" plates his dish and he joked that I must pay a fee. Then he kissed me. Even after dinner and during the movie we just could not stop kissing each other. He even said he could not resist any longer to kiss me. He asked me if I was sure that I do not want to spend the night, but I had told him before our date that I had important errands to do the next day in the morning and he said he understands (It was also not a good idea either). Although he wanted me to stay longer, he asked me what time I have to go because he did not want me to get back to my apartment too late in night and that he wanted to make sure I get back safely. While walking to the bus, we joked that next time we watch a movie together, we should had a bit of space between us when sitting so that we can actually watch the movie and not make out during the whole thing. We hugged and kissed each other good bye. And when I got back I messaged him to thank him for dinner. He said your welcome, glad that you got home safely, and good night. I said I hope he got back safely too and goodnight. He said yes he did and thank you and said good night again and will talk to me soon. But he had not talked to me soon as he usually did. Before our second date he would message me every day on how our day is and to make another date. After two days till the day of my graduation, my friends told me if he has been messaging me all the time, I should at least once send him message. I sent him a hello message with a self picture of me at graduation. He answered immediately a hello and congratulations for my achievements with 3 smiley face kisses. I said thank you with a smile also. It has now been a week, and I have not received any message from him. Is he still interested? How long should I wait to move on


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  • Message him again asking him if he is okay, and to signify your continued interest in him. Then, if he does reciprocate your interest by initiating communication and a meet up with you in the following days, simply move on.


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  • Id send a message to him. Everything so far sounds like he's really interested. So text or even better call with some friendly conversation. Like the anon guy said if you dont hear back from him from there then Id move on.