Guys help: How bad is it to say the I <3 U first?

So I with this guy and yep I've fallen big time, I am sure its just going to bust out of me here soon so I just want to tell him - do it and just make sure he knows exactly where I am. How bad is it for the girl to say I <3 U first? Is it a better idea to wait for him?


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  • Where love is concerned there's always an element of risk. Love (romantic love) is always a leap of faith. Obviously somebody has to say it first. Over-thinking when it comes to a strategy of who says it first is probably counter-productive. There's no guarantee of what his reaction will be. But if you guys have been together a while, and if you feel this in your heart, I would lean toward telling him how you feel. After all, it's genuine on your part, and whatever happens you were true to your heart.


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  • Saying you less than three a person might come off as really awkward.

    I suggest you say you opposite greater than, 9 squared him. That should work a lot better.

    • lol very funny - obviously I mean the "I love you" thing - any thoughts on that more specifically?

    • If you have a strong relationship, I don't see the problem. I'd hate to believe you have an insecurity about saying I love you to someone, because I do find it a little weird you didn't just type it out here.

      The problem of saying I love you isn't when, where, who says it, etc. It's when you say it and the relationship isn't strong enough that it the person can't reciprocate.

    • Oh lol, when I say the problem isn't "when you say it", I mean like, as in if you said it when you were on a date, or just hanging out, etc. Not like.. when in the relationship... that's the part that matters.

  • I...less than symbol...three?


    What the?


  • Tell him " If we keep going i might fall for you " .. This will make him open about his intention..

    good luck..

    • Actually we have already done that and he said he feels the same. Most recently I said it sucks feeling like I am out on that limb alone and he told me well if the branch breaks he'll be right there with me...

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    • 30 so not a boy

    • How about him :student, unemployed, personal crisis.. ?

  • a girl said it to me first.. after the third date.. ask me if we are together lol.

  • Short answer is - In my opinion, makes a nice change opposed to the stereotypical "Guy must always ask first" scenario, especially for someone like me who has an inferiority complex when it comes to relationships. So short answer, when you feel the time is right, ask him


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  • It's ok to say that you love him but you gotta know if that guy also has feelings for you too. If you just say I love you but he doesn't like you and he says I don't like you, it's gonna hurt to think about it.

    • I know he likes me - he's told me he's falling its just that I'm there and feel like this is going to burst out of me here real soon.

  • I mean, someone has to say it first... I see no reason why it shouldn't be you.

    That being said, saying it too early can be damaging in my opinion.