How do I know if my crush likes me back?

I've went on wiki answers and found some answers but they were all from girls. My crush is really quiet and when ever I'm around his friends they talk to me a lot but he just stands there and smiles. In pretty sure I've caught him looking at me but that could be because of my karate because he's a junior black belt so... I just want to know if he likes me

by the way I have a really big crush on him


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  • Look at him and smile. If he walks towards you and talk means. He likes you

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    • Universal sign of a girl showing interest to a guy is look at him and smile look down and look back at him within 30 seconds. And universal sign of a guy reciprocates is walking towards the girl and talk

    • thanks for mh

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  • didn't i already answer this question, if he is quiet around you then yes he likes you or knows you like him, so ask him too spar

  • If you see a bulge in his pants he likes you.


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