What red flags did you overlook, and do you regret it, or was it all a laugh?

Did you deliberately ignore the signals, or where you just distracted, or inexperienced?


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  • Ignored the signs of controlling, manipulative behavior with an ex.

    Wound up trying to serve him a restraining order and filed for harassment.


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  • Red flags I have personally overlooked due to inexperience.

    - Being indecisive and not sure what he wanted for us in the future. I was hurt badly by that but it taught me an important lesson in choosing future partners
    - The opposite of the above: too assertive thinking that everything is within his control. Eventually something unexpected will happen and they do not communicate
    - when I was a bit younger I often overlooked the fact that men I dated had no idea how to deal with their emotions and don't hold themselves responsible for how they make the girl feel. I just got disappointed a lot and moved on! No biggie.


What Guys Said 2

  • I overlooked the fact that she (an ex) had loads of male friends who she said her ex boyfriends stopped her from seeing out of distrust, and the fact that she'd slept with a lot of men for her age. Then I was surprised when she cheated. That was due to naivety and inexperience. I'd had a couple of one night stands myself and I knew I wasn't going to cheat, so I didn't think she would either. Lesson learned.

    Then I met a girl who told me upfront that she was a psycho. I stayed with her anyway, then I was surprised when she tried to be more controlling. I thought she was exaggerating at first, lol...

  • The greatest red flag I ever overlooked was the fact that she was fucking crazy as shit and untreated even though she was diagnosed.

    Ended well. ;)