He's ignoring me after a fight? What do I do?

Boyfriend blew off our date and I overreacted a bit and told him to please not contact me again. I explained my reasoning--that I don't want to continue with someone who isn't reliable. I just got out of a bad relationship with tons of games and lying and I don't want to do it again (he knows this).

He went completely ballistic, telling me he wasn't going to contact me again, and called me a ***** about several times, and continued to yell at me. I apologized several times, but now he is ignoring me. He always does this when we are in a fight--ignores me and shuts down. He always has to be in control and has a terrible temper.

Anyways, I know I screwed up, but beyond apologizing again, is there anything more I can/should do to work things out?


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  • Whew. Let's see, how many dates have you been on with him? If this was the first one then I could understand, but if he has dated with you for a while and this is the first time he missed it then your reaction was a bit harsh. I understand your feelings on being played with, but don't let your past b/f's mistreating you cause you to take it out on your new one. His reaction was a bit wild too, but if he's done it before and came back then I guess keep doing what you have always done. Was alcohol a factor? Anyways, just let things cool down and see what happens. You shouldn't have to break your back trying to make things work with someone tho :)
    Hope it all works out!


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  • Honestly, if I was him in that situation I would be done with you too. You called him a liar and told him not to contact you again. Now you're upset because he is doing what you told him to do.

    With that being said, you say that you just came out of a bad relationship, and that this guy is controlling and has a terrible temper, but you want to make things right and work things out.

    Women amaze me. You can line 100 random women up and they will each tell you that they want to be with a guy that treats them well and does not abuse or cheat on them...yet 90 out of 100 of them are just like you...making the above claim while scrambling to figure out how to keep a guy that is controlling and abusive.

    In the meantime guys that treat women decently get ignored or get their asses kicked to the curb.

    • I agree that he has every right to be done with me after saying that. However, we all say things we don't mean in fights...him included. After apologizing several times I'd hope he'd be mature to forgive me. Maybe that combined with the controlling behavior and temper problems is a sign to move on. Anyways you are completely right. Thanks for the advice, everyone!

  • Give him a surprise blowjob in the morning


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  • I am bad at bothering my bf when we are fighting!! Best thingvto do is just leave him be, let him cool down, if you continue to call and bother him it will upset him more and cause him to resent you more, give him timr and space to think (especially for the stubborn kind) give him 2 to 3 days for him to calm down and reevalute and give you time to think, so you guys can talk after being mad, then explain why you were upset for missing the date and you didn't mean what you said and tell him you will try not to say things you dont mean, and really work on not saying those things!!