Why aren't selfies good for dating profiles?

I've heard those types of pics are the worst pics to be successful with women. My friends are busy with work and their gf or bf, and/or school. So, its not my fault that I only have selfies on my dating profile. I could upload pics of me on vacation with my parents but I'm guessing women won't respond to my profile if I have that. What should I do in this case?


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  • It makes you look like you don't have any friends to take pictures of you. And it doesn't show character or anythig about you

    • Why is it so hard for women to understand that as you get older you start to lose friends not because you're a bad person but because other things get in the way. A picture doesn't need to show anything about me other than what I look like. I made a description of who I am and that should be good enough to know what kind of person I am. I see pics of women sitting outside by themselves and smiling at the camera. That tells me nothing about the person other than they are not afraid of going outside. How is that any different than a selfie? Saying to a friend hey could you take a picture of me seems narcissistic just like taking a selfie.

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  • A lot of people try to make "professional" profiles that are all sparkly in "tip top" shape. Some of it is was overboard. I've used selfies forever and met girls online no problem.

    I find it far better than the cases I've heard of where people literally find and pay photographers to get photos taken for their dating profiles.