Head over heels for a girl who I can't figure out?

Hey Y'all. So I met this girl through a mutual friend and we kicked it off right away. We went out to coffee and hung out a lot. things were going great and I was sure we were going to end up together. She came to my fraternity formal and everything was going headstrong until I told her I was transferring to a college about an hour away. At this point she completely pulled back and distanced herself from me for a short period. We talked in detail about the future a short while ago and she revealed to me that she still has feelings for me but they are all confused and that she is afraid to be with me because she is afraid to get hurt. I am a gentleman and have always treated women with respect but this is not what she is used to. We work together as well and whenever we are together things just flow naturally and she agreed when I said this during our talk. I know that I need to give her time and some space to figure her thoughts out but my question is, is this a lost cause. She has expressed some interest in still being with me but I know given her past she has a lot to think about. Should I be there for her still or just completely walk away? I am very confused because I haven't felt this way before about someone and I have dated many people. I care and respect her enough as a person to understand her decision to not want anything in the future if she is upfront about it. I really would like to hear from some of the girls what their opinion is and what you think the best course of action to take would be. Thanks!


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  • I think u should still be there for her she said she has feelings for u show her that u are different from the other guys she has dated and that u won't break her heart

  • What she's probably looking for is some reassurance. She might feel a bit insecure and just scared to fall any deeper. Hearing that you're moving away might have sounded like more of a 'heads up' to not get too attached. If you're ready for a commitment, let her know. Thats all she needs i think. Sometimes, when I say Im confused what I mean is... I know what it is that I want, but Im confused about whether or not he wants the same thing.


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