He's afraid to date? Details in description?

Me and my friend really like each other. We've been into each other for a while but he's afraid to date. We flirt hug and talk everyday easily. Were so comfortable around each other and he says sweet things to me alot. Im smitten over the guy and our friends want us to be together just like i do. Theyve asked him why he won't ask me out, he said he's had so many bad relationships he doesn't want that to happen with us. Its sweet but i hate being just friends. Id love at least a chance at being more than friends with him. What should i do?


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  • You can't make him change his mind. You only present yourself as a viable option.


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  • Let him know that you wouldn't risk the friendship if it hadn't already gone passed that level, and just say, life comes with little risks, and ask him are you worth a little risk because you think he is, see what happens, x

  • may be he's genuinely scared to loose you... he thinks if he dated or you people had sex - you may think he's using you or so
    and you'll end up pushing or rejecting him...
    bottom line is - he is afraid to loose you


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