Why do I attract men with girlfriends?

Honestly. Like either I find out later down the road dude had a girl or he tells me up front like I have a girl but I don't wanna be with her. Honestly? Do I look like I wanna be a side chick? Or if I find out later he hits me with some bullshit like, I don't wanna be with her tho, honestly I've grown to like you and I wish I could just leave her n be with you, like nigga. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with your bs, I'm a grown ass women. I don't want to deal with these little boys and their petty bs. I know I'm 21 but sheeeesh I have my life together. I just wanna man that can build an empire with me!


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  • Other than the slang, you look like girlfriend material

  • Men are jealous of what they cannot have. It's just part of our nature.


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