Girl asks my boyfriend to go out and see another girl they use to hang out..after years of no communication?

ok this is the situation,tell me if I am right or if he is reasonable...

a girl called and ask my boyfriend out to see another girl they hangout growing up? so I said wooh that's weird! they didn't have any communication for years and all of a sudden she called and ask him out to see other girl? is that weird?i thought it was so I asked if he have dated this girl before,and he said yeh not for a long time though he I said my ex boyfriend would never call me all of a sudden and ask me out to see our other guy friend after a long time of not talking not unless the real reason was to hangout or see the conversation heated up and he started acting cranky on me like it was my fault I kept asking questions...

and lets say they really hangout before,but I know a girl would usually call other girl and see another girlfriend they hangout together with,not usually call a a guy..and he was the only one who gets the call too,not the other guys they hangout with..hhhmm creepy huh?

what do you think guys,is it weird or he was reasonable for thinking it was casual invitation like he wanted me to understand it was plain nothing to get suspicious about..

ohh guys I forgot to say..i only overheard them that's why I asked who called but I dnt really know if what he's saying is what the girl was calling about..everything I say was everything he said to me..


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  • she prob wants him, and if he's lying to you, and doing this behind your back, than screw him, if there was nothing to hide and you were in a commited stable relationship, he would bring you along wit him..if he's not than I would absoutley be suspicious, mention that to him and see what he says, if he gets defensive and stuff, there is your answer

    • Yes he got so defensive and he even said to me I was stressing him out like it was my fault I asked..

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    • Psychology, he won't knw what's going on with you, and it expects you to behave the way you are now, so from this point on don't ask those little detailed questions, and what not, be the one to tell him your going out this weekend etc...if he is seriously interested in this girl in anyway than you pressuring him makes her more appealing, if he thinks he's losing you, that will be a distraction and make him want YOU

    • Thanks very much this helps me..i will and actually kina started doing it..i don't ask wer he goes anymore,i don't ask what time hell be home,he asked to go bowling with guy friends I know I said ok,and I was just home and act cold at him,quieter and skip sex hehe I think this will really help..thanks its kina hard but yeh I'm up to this idea..


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  • I don't think it's weird that it happened, but if he was thinking of hanging out with her, there's no reason why he shouldn't invite you to go along. Then it shouldn't be a big deal. If he refused to invite you, I would be a little suspicious.

    • Yeh it would be awesome..but the thing too is I really didn't know if he is telling me the truth about the call because I didn't hear it I just over heard that he was talking to a girl so I asked who it was..

    • So he was upfront about who it was and what she wanted. Unless he gives you reason otherwise, you will have to trust him for now. If you can't trust him, then there are bigger problems with the relationship.

    • Yah unfortunitely I could not trust him anymore.theres always something behnd my head every time he goes out..and lately he passed on lunches,he said he's not bringing lunch to work because he's having lunch with coworkers.?i just want to not notice nothin I don't care what he does anymore.i don't have evedences yet so I can't say ill break up with him just because I thought he's doing something behind my back right?

  • if you ever wanna see other men socially, you would do well to back off.

    I know women who think they can go out on "ladies night" and flirt with other men and leave their boyfriends home alone.

    if my Girlfriend tried that crap with me, I'd dump her fast. I don't tolerate doublestandards


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  • First of all yes the call outta no where is weird because if they had no communication how did she get the number? when they get upset it's because somehting is wrong. and if it was like that he should have invited you to go so he can introduce you as his girl or ask you if they can come over so he caan introduce them to you. you have all the right to be upset sweeet. but the best way to handle that is not interigating him you should have thrown suggestions like him bringing her over or if he respected you in the first place he would have said to the invitation NO!

  • i don't think its weird, depending on how long ago they dated you may be over reacting. If you trust your boyfriend his hanging out with and old friend/fling shouldnt bother you as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Talk to him about your insecurities about this and see what he says. If they dated when they were younger then yea, you really shouldn't be getting mad.

    • Okey,but you know how it feels when we get suspecious,its bothersome but yeh I haven't brought that up tryin and be cool about just focusing on myself,be happy and positive and if he really sneak behind my back,its not my problem its his..he knows that's a big offense if he do so and we talked since the beggining to not ever cheat and one catch one that's the end of it not even a talk I hope its really not something like I thought it was..:) thank you girl.

  • I don't think its weird at all, sometimes I'm going through my phone and see someone I haven't seen in a while so I call them up to hang out. Sometimes is even an ex of mine. And you also said that there was going to be another person there which indicates that they are probably just hanging out. You should trust your guy that nothing will happen.

    • Yeh I guess I just have to,i didn't hear the voicemail though because he deleted it so I don't know if he was lying or not either..but yeh I just hope he'd invite me to see them too..