He doesn't want a relationship, but I do. What do I do?

There's this guy I like. We talk everyday.We happen to live 3 hours away from each other.

We've been talking since February, and I asked if he liked me about a month ago, and he said "I kind of do." and I said that he never talks about it and why, and he said he thought we shouldn't go down that road because I live 3 hours away and he's trying to get his life together (like finances and he thinks he would be a shitty boyfriend right now). So I said I understood. He said he didn't know how to naturally bring it up and he didn't like not telling me, but he enjoys talking to me a lot.

I agreed, that I did too, and he insisted that we should keep having them, but I just never responded because I just wanted some space from the situation to get over it. Since then, he's saught me out to talk to me, texting me first and we pretty much carry on as if I never asked if he likes me in the first place. I went down to where he lived for a couple of days to go to a concert with my friends and he and I were still talking to each other and flirting, but never saw each other, which I was ok with bc it would've proved difficult.

But I'm finding that the more I talk to him, the more attached I am. I know he already said he didn't want to date, but I can't help but think that he likes me back. I just don't want to ruin what we have already, and we tell each other everything. What should I do?


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  • If it hurts too much, you will have to stop talking to him


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  • There's no point to continue like this. It will hurt you more than ever. He openly said he doesn't want a relationship so you will be just suffered. Cut your contact with him, there's no good for you there.

  • If a guy says he doesn't want a relationship, he doesn't want a relationship, so take some space from him so you can not feel so attached to him.