Not your typical "one night stand?"?

I met this guy at the bar the other night, he was with his father and one of his friends. We really hit it off (extremely well) but he ended up having to bring his father home. He told me he would be back and we exchanged numbers.

He came back around 1 hour later, after a few hours of dancing and bar games - one thing lead to another and we went home together. The next morning, he slept in until 12:30, woke up and stayed for two hours talking.

Dropped him off &I heard from him the same day but not since. I knew there would be a chance seeing him go either way. However based on my limited past experience, not may guys typically act like this the morning after - does this mean the typical "lets get dinner soon" line possibly true?


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  • In my opinion he just want to be nice to you, if he like you he would call you soon (if you gave him your number)


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  • I guess we'll find out soon enough.