Everyone likes himNow thanks to me great.?

I really like this guy, and I'm friends with a lot of people right so I told my friends that I like him. And well it's been a year. Only recently are 3 of my "friends'" obviously into him too. Like 2 of them told me, while the other is just so obvious. Anyways I don't know why but I can't get mad at people. I feel like I made it pop into their minds that he could be boyfriend material. Does that happen?


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  • It does. It's exactly how the concept of making someone jealous works. You made it apparent to them that he is a (biologically speaking) suitable mate. So naturally, they're gonna be all over this poor man.
    I would suggest you make your move for the guy before they steal him. As the bro code states: "I saw her first" may apply to women where they see fit.

    • I'm stuck in the friend zone though kind of sort of. I don't really know anymore; he confuses the heck out of me. 2 of the girls that like him, he has said really bad stuff about them. Will their feelings just vanish do you think?

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    • I don't know we are both really awkward. Im honestly not that worried about them just because he called 2 of them annoying and the other he never talks to. Im just worried that maybe some of my other friends might be interested, but they aren't fools like the other 3. How do I make him see me as more? I try to look decent everyday. He compliments me from time to time. Usually just saying that I look nice. Or I look nice everyday. He always tells me I'm a genius even though he's much smarter than me. I don't know how to flirt. I stare into his eyes, and he returns the favor.

    • It's there. Guys go to great lengths to compliment girls, even if it means they want the girl to feel better than they (and he may truly be sincere.) It shows she has a lot of admiration for you, which means he does see you as more, more than you give yourself credit for.


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  • The question is who does he like isn't it? :)) u can't really do anything if he like 1 of ur friend same applied to the case which he like u


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  • That's why I never tell anybody who I like. No one has the faintest clue.

    • Aww see I'm so bad at that. Well he's the first guy that has just completely made me go whack. I am just an open book; I tell everyone omg

  • Hell yea it does happen , it has happen to me a lot , maybe just hearing how u talk about the guy got your friends to be intersted.

    • Is there any way I can get them not interested? :(

    • a way to not make him not interested is well not say anything just try to talk to him but don't tell them like if something end up happening they can't say anything you liked him first dont tell them just do it.