Help with starting to date and potential girlfriend?

So it's been awhile and I need some help getting back "in the game" if you will. How do I, you know, just start from level zero and flirt and get to know them up to dating status. I know to be myself but I also find that that lands me in the friendzone more often than not. So I don't want to be fake but I want to date them or show signs of that early on before I get too close to them that I'm "just a friend". Secondly, if I'm already headed down that path of being friendzoned how do I pull myself out of it before it's too late? Thanks for all the help ladies and guys.


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  • Flirrrrrtt.
    No seriously. Do it. Do it from early on. Nothing sexual in the beginning though. IE: (during the 1st few text convos u guys have.. dont ask her when can she come over your house. unless your just looking for sex vs someone u want to date)
    tease her a bit. (Ugh I love when guys tease me about something that is so me) Dont agree with everything she say or do. Dont text/call her everyday and dont be overly available. Be confident. please dont listen to some guys who say confidence is overrated. It is not. It's true, it's not the ONLY factor but it is an attractive factor.

    If you're already heading in the friend zone...well, I've never actually taken a guy out of the friend zone before but I think for me to do that..the guy would probably have to step back a bit. Make me miss him. Usually when I put a guy in the friend zone it's because Im not attracted to him- physically or romantically so I can't tell you exactly what he has to do to get out the friend zone once the attraction is just not there.


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  • Try to be more flirty with the girl you do like, don't just go all out and play a whole bunch of women that's super shady. But gradually start to flirt more. Hugs, compliments, asking to hang out, etc.

  • You will get friend zone if they like your personality, but they aren't attracted to you


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  • In my opinion, the 'friendzoning' occurs within about 30 seconds of meeting you. So I don't think there's much of a path to head down.

    "Would I bang him? No... Friendzoned."