My girlfriend acts really strange when we're around others and it upsets me.. But is this normal?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now and I know that she won't really leave me or anything.. we've even decided to live together in the future and make a life together.. but sometimes at parties or hangouts with friends she sometimes gives comments which are really hurtful..she comments on the attractiveness of other guys..for example if we're watching a movie with our friends, and there's a hot guy on screen she'd go like "wow he is sooo hot!! I'd totally marry him, my boyfriend can go find someone else.. " she'd say this aloud and my friends laugh it off but it hurts me.. I went and tried talking to her about this and we ended up fighting and with her saying "you find too many mistakes in me nowadays" then I stopped.. earlier when she used to do this I used to think that she's just teasing and let it go.. but nowadays it gets annoying and downright hurtful.. sometimes when we're with our mutual friends she's overly mushy with certain guys.. there's this guy whom she calls her brother (brozoned kind of thing) and she goes and kisses him on the cheek in front of me.. I get really upset at that and opened up to her.. she said she just considers him a brother so whats the problem.. you know, when we're alone she's the most amazing girl.. she's all perfect and says and does things which a guy would expect from a conventional girlfriend.. but she's entirely different when we're with our friends.. she isolates me and goes and talks to our friends while I feel alone.. she sometimes says sorry after this but then does the same thing again! I get really upset.. is feeling like this normal? or am I overreacting and over analysing stuff? could the problem be in me? in my behaviour because I know I'm an attractive guy based on lots of opinions.. but does my behaviour have a lot of mistakes? if it does and all this isn't normal please do tell me because I'd change myself and do anything that's needed to make us last.. I really love her.. please help..

Thank you for the responses.. I guess that I really need to sit her down and talk to her seriously about this.. Taking revenge is not my kinda thing as it may just make her do all this even more.. So it's better I be assertive with her.. Thanks! :-D


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  • Stop beating yourself up! You're not the one at fault here. If anything you need to be more assertive with her. Put your foot down and tell her if she doesn't stop acting like that around other people, you'll have to reassess the relationship.

    Or something else you could do: when she does that, go and talk to other girls...give her a dose of her own medicine.


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  • No, you're not overreacting. She shouldn't be doing that in front of your friends, you're right. That's emasculating.

  • She thinks you're a pushover. Changer her mind, man.. don't put up with her BS. She's way out of line and totally disrespecting you over and over again. You need to lay down the law and break up with this sleezo.


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