Do you think this guy wants to get me pregnant? We keep talking about kids, constantly!?

We started off as friends (in January this year) and have been talking for months since we met and he instantly liked me...I just wasn't sure of my feelings for him.

Anyway, 3 weeks ago I was relatively drunk. I decided I wanted to see him and thought I'd kiss him and see where things went. Since then we've been dating and growing really fond of each other. He's 29 and I'm 21 and we both kinda want the same things from life. He's even started giving up smoking because I don't like it.

We talk about everything and I remember saying to him a while back that I wanted to have twin boys one day with light blue eyes. Strangely enough, he has light blue eyes.

Last night when I saw him, we were talking about the future, marriage and kids etc. Before I left him, he put his arms around me and pulled me into him saying 'well I'd marry you, then get you preggers and we'd have twin boys with blue eyes' which I was shocked at because he's usually very reserved on that front.

We've talked today and he said that if I ever did happen to get pregnant anytime soon, he'd never walk out on me or the child. We've also admitted we love each other a lot (as friends) and like each other a lot as (partners?).

He's also been saying stuff like he thinks I'll be a great 'momma' one day and that I'll be very warm and loving with my kids. He's also told me he's quite broody but not quite ready for kids yet and thinks we'd make a great team.

Do you think this guy's for real? He also wants to try and abstain from sex until I marry him.


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  • Loving each other a lot, as friends, is different than loving each other a lot, as mates. In order to see if this is a potential relationship, as in marriage, it's best to date for at least 3-4 years, as during that time you will truly be able to determine if he sees you as a sister that needs protecting, or a lover that leads to marriage. You are young, and you must always go with your heart. BUT, if there is ever apprehension, it's for a reason. Never ignore that part, or bury it. Own your apprehension, and let it guide you. You may not know the reason it is there, but someday it will become clear to you. You said you weren't sure of your feelings for him. Your heart will go through times of questioning. Discover why. I cannot stress that enough. If he wants to abstain from sex, that's a good thing. Whatever you do, don't get in the position where he can get you pregnant if you do end up having sex. A friend of mine made that mistake after dating for 6 months, and their "love" for each other was a twisted blend of infatuation and using each other for creating a "family" that is full of so much dysfunction that the child should be removed and adopted by a stable family. Give it time, and lots of it!


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  • You're double posting.

  • Hmm..tell him to marry first and his wish might be fulfilled :)


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  • wow! he seems really sincere with his words