Is through social circle, mutual friends, the most common way people meet their boyfriend/girlfriend, is it more common than anyway else?

Well mainly it seems thats when and where girls are the most comfortable meeting and getting approached, asked out by guys, is through their social circle, mutual friends, through family, overall social networking, meanwhile when it comes to cold approaches like in a bar or club, mall, coffee shop, grocery store, school or university setting, museum, any random public place, etc., Girls are less likely to welcome the advances of guys, have their guard up more often, well understandable and i don't think that needs to get into detail.

I also feel the girl has to like you first, or be interested in you first, the girls interest level matters more than the guys does, since apparently females do the choosing, thats how it is in pretty much all species of mammals.

So is through social circle, mutual friends how most people end up dating?


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  • i think it is through social stuff that people meet, but i bet plenty meet through the work/school place.

    as far as the girl liking the guy first, i wasn't really attracted to my boyfriend when we first started talking, he was with me though.


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  • I guess that's easier because you can get to know a guy without showing that you're interested so you can see if you like his personality etc. (:


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  • I would imagine that is the case usually