He's so complicated and I don't know what to do?

So my co worker the guy i like told my friend he doesn't have time for a relationship. i totally understand but i never expect him to ask me out or anything. i knew that when he found out i like him nothing was going to happen. The thing is he doesn't tell me straight out how he feels, like if he likes me or not. Then he gives me mix signals. Why can he just let me know if he likes me or not?, i mean its obviously he doesn't but i want to know by him. Now my other manager shows that he is actually interested in me but i don't know if I should talk to him considering I still like other guy. So he is actually making a move by wanting to hangout with me unlike the other guy. I'm not sure what to do. I still haven't moved on from the guy I like. So is it bad if I hangout with this guy or talk to him? ( we all work together) My friends say that there's nothing wrong with me talking or hanging out with him since I'm not dating the other and he's the one that doesn't want anything but for some reason I feel guilty for talking to this guy.


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  • There's no problem with hanging out with people from work. If you want to hang out with him, do so. It's really that simple. No need to over-analyze the situation here.

    I don't think the coworker whom knows you like him, likes you back. He's not giving you a direct answer as to how he feels because he doesn't like you. And he's not going to come straight out and tell you how he does NOT want to be with you...because that's pretty much being an asshole.

    Sounds to me like you're creating drama where there is none. No need to feel guilty or anything.


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  • He is a typical "unavailable man". Doesn't have time for a relationship? Read up on this excuse, educate yourself. Do not get involved with him.