How to approach a girl that I like?

I pass by this girl at school almost everday and i wanna talk to her, but everytime i tried to i couldnt get the words out of my mouth. I have one more day next week to talk to her because my school has finals next week and i would like to know what should i say to her to start a conversation with her without sounding creepy or creeping her out. I would like to get her number in one day but thats pretty difficult to do. So i would like to know how should i approach her to start a conversation


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  • Girls LOVE confidence. If this girl is that important to you, go up to her and tell her you've seen her around, think she's cute/beautiful/(whatever) and ask for her number, or ask her out.
    Direct approaches are good. If she doesn't go for it, so what? There is always another girl.


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  • Just say hi, ask her how she is and if she's excited for summer. Then, ask if she can give you her number and maybe you two can hang out some time.

    Then tell her to have a good day and good luck on finals.

    Now walk away.

    Do remember to call/text her though.

  • I get nervous around my crush Trevor, so I understand. I always try to speak, but I cant. I reccomend you taking a huge breath, smile, and just walk up to her and show her you! Take the risk, and it will all work out for the best! :)

  • Eye contact is a crucial step that conveys ease and confidence. Sometimes just throwing yourself out there is the best way to go about it. Good luck!


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