Guy's opinions on Indian girls?

Hah, so as an Indian girl, I've often heard many negative comments being made towards us. Apparently, we are generally viewed as "unattractive." So I got curious. How do guys feel about Indian girls? Would you date one? Do you find them attractive? etc..

And by Indian girls, I dont mean the Bollywood ones (they are obviously gorgeous). More like the everday Indian girls you see.


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  • I've developed a bit of a fetish for Indian girls actually. Ever since I went to Mauritius and I was waiting for my friend to come out of the bathroom.
    I didn't realise I was standing right across from the belly dancers dressing room, one of them walked out and had to stop to talk to someone else in there so she was standing there holding the door open. I saw WAY more than I bargained for.
    Had the hots for Indian girls ever since:) Never dated one though:(
    So I absolutely find them attractive to answer the question.
    Other opinions are just racism if you ask me.


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  • I am an indian. Our girls are the best. Knowledgeable. Understands family values. Knows how not to cheat. Fight for equal rights. At the same time knows when to give men the feel of dominance. Indian girls are the best. They dnt play hard to get. Cause they are hard to get

    • I think Indian girls are dumbass

    • Then the way i think is dumbass buddy. Trust me. My country indian girls are the ones everyone dreams about

    • The way U think i mean u think

  • You mean the ones originally from India? I'm definitely a fan :)

  • Some are hot, some aren't. I think Indian women are usually more feminine.

  • Much the same as my opinion on girls in general?

    Some are hot, some are not.

  • Priyanka Chopra. :)

  • not every Indian guy think like this miss... there are always negative aspects in the society

  • Ugh the Bollywood girls look way to fake in my opinion like their face is painted on ;)

    You on the other hand are a gorgeous natural young girl. You are very beautiful.

    Personally I don't have a general preference for any race, there's uggos und beauties in every one of the races. People tend to be more open to dating someone less good looking from their own race though ?

    But like I said you are very beautiful!


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