How can I get him Initiate conversation more often?

I know I can't make him do it unless he wants to, But I'm the only one who initiates conversation. Sometime it makes me feel really needy when I know I'm not asking for that much. How can I get him to call/text me more?


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  • Guys want to play it cool, not be too intense with conversation unless we have something good to say.

    If you tell him you like when he calls you or texts you, he might open up. He's probably afraid that he'll seem stupid to you.

    Then again, be careful what you wish for. I'd bet $1 000 000 that if he starts calling and texting you as often as you want, you would lose interest in him. Men know to play it cool, because when we don't, women stop being hot towards us.

    • Nope wouldn't lose interest. He's such an awesome person I want to talk to him more that's how much he doesn't initiate unless I do. In the beginning I thought he was "playing it cool." or "playing hard to get" and I'm passed that and I want more communication.


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  • Give him a reason to. Stop concluding your conversations and leave them open-ended esp. with him on the projecting end. Either that or just demand it of him.

  • You really can't.. Its a fact girls need to speak 3 times more words than men each day.. Unless he's done with his words for the day when your together he's not going to want to talk.. Its a fact about guys live with it.

    • But sometimes talking to him is like talking to a brick wall, sometimes he adds things to the conversation and most of the time he doesn't. I also get creative to keep it going.

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  • you answered your own question, we can't say anymore than that

    • Some advice maybe.

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    • Thanks that makes sense I know he likes me a lot, I just wasn't sure if I should say something because I don't want him to take it the wrong way. I want to communicate more not less.

    • no problem and good luck