Ladies would you ever date a big and tall guy?

I understand women want a bf they can be proud of and want to show him off to some extent.

I am very tall and a bit overweight but not fat and even a bit athletic.

I am aware that I am no heartthrob so I'm wondering if it's a turn off for girls that other girls would not find me desirable.

Would you date a guy your girlfriends would not like looks wise?


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  • Yes if he has an amazing personality, then a guy can instantly become hotter. I like guys that dress well and make their hair, so like if you do that then you're good. I don't care what my friends think of my boyfriends because they have terrible taste in men.


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  • yep i would, i kinda have a thing for plump guys. id rather show off how he treats me, not how he looks.
    and trust me, I've learned that if you're somewhat sweet and some one is interested in you, at least three other girls would want you. just because some one else wants you.
    i hate that. id rather have a guy to myself any way.
    please don't be all insecure xD

  • Yea why not

  • If he looks manly and acts it

  • sure, i mean id at least give you a chance!!
    im 6'5'' and lots of guys are intimidated by me so i know what its like being judged solely on your looks...


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