Best ways to get the first kiss?

I've always been really bad at the first kiss, mostly because I'm just awful at reading signals. And I'm more afraid of getting rejected than anything.

So what are some clever/creative ways to go for the first kiss? Should I do it surprisingly at the beginning or middle of the date, or is it always best to wait to the end?

Girls, what are some great ways guys have done the first kiss? Guys, what are some clever ways you've gotten the first kiss?


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  • I think you should do it in the middle or in the end. If you choose in the middle, surprise her. If she looks at your mouth and then your face and repeat that several times, it's a sign and do it right away but spontaneous. But in my oppinion, it's the best at the end because both of you will be sure wheter you want to be with each other or not. If you choose that, lean in, if she does that too kiss her. If she doesn't lean in more so she could know what you want and then kiss her, but don't do it if you see on her face that she's embarrased..


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  • I think at the end of the date is best , because you will now if you want to be with her or not. And you can tell by if she is really close and or looking at your lips. You can touch her face and lean a little just to see her reaction. If she leans in too then you should keep leaning but if she looks shocked then stop and pretend you were just koving her hair

  • best is in the end of a date you make her very comfterble about with you look deeply in her eyes eproch her very slowly and if she don't get away just kiss her slowly and deeply romantic kiss at the end of the night it would be super perfict for a first kiss after like 4 or 3 dates !


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