Can a girl be TOO petite? (God damn title thing!)

Can a girl be too short/small framed for a guy to be attracted to her? From seeing guys answers a lot seem to like petite women but is there a limit to where you feel like you're with a child?

I've got my curves in all the right places and I'm a C cup but guys have said I'm too small framed, I'm 5'1 and 98 pounds. Do guys like a girl who is bigger built with more on her? I realize it's a preference thing but I'd like to see what the general consensus is.


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  • With good proportions and a C cup you are fine. Better than perfect for most guys. A guy would be a fool to write you off for your size!


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  • 5 1 98 pounds is like 5 6 123 pounds how can that be 'too small framed'. i think they are full of shit.

    • Yeah exactly, when you say it like that it sounds stupid :/ I do buy kids clothes though because I just seem all round small. Don't suppose there's much I can do about it though, it's genetics :/

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    • Thank you for your encouraging words :)

      I'm glad I'm not any smaller but that is true I suppose, a guy will nearly always be taller lol. Tall women do seem to get a lot of attention off men though, I think it's the long legs! They look very elegant.

      Urghh! I hate shopping in kids sections lol it's a nightmare, especially trying to find something that doesn't have ponies and hearts all over it haha. It's worth trying some online stores though, I've found they can be good if you're small whether you're short or tall :)

    • lol ohh i hate those stupid designs. i dont think they even look good on kids, but definitely look ridiculous on women. you're right. it is very difficult to find stuff without tacky useless junk added. online shopping is easier.

      as for tall women getting a lot of attention. yes they are noticable. but so are giraffes and prostitutes. i dont think you have less chance at a relationship than a tall woman. being noticed isn't the same thing is getting a date bf or being wanted.

      im not saying tall women are not fond attractive, but men seem to like cute over hot. and cute is hard to pull off when you're tall.

      for fun when you're out one say count the # of couples were the woman is significantly taller than you with an average sized guy. compare that# to the couples where women is closer to your hight.. see what you find;p

      anyhow you're like the perfect size for at least 20 guys i know and i dont think i personally know -on a friendly basis- more than 25 ;)

  • I think if they are really small like smaller than 5 feet maybe but it depends on the guy interested in her. He could be small too so it wouldn't look as weird or too small for him.

  • Yes, they look like 10 yos.