I don't like people easily, therefore I fear never finding anyone?

I've never had a boyfriend but that doesn't concern me. The reason why I don't have a boyfriend concerns me.

I've never liked someone so much that I actually wanted to be with them all the time or start a relationship with them. And that scares me. Often when I think i like someone, the moment they like me back I lose interest and want to move on because I know it's a dead end.

Has anybody ever gone through this at some point in their lives? And if so, how did you change it? How did you know the person was worth it?


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  • What in your opinion makes a person "Not worth it"?

    • I don't like them enough to actually want to go through all the troubles a relationship is entitled to have.

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    • I shall put that into practice and keep you updated! Thank you so much for your help! ♡

    • Thank you for seeking to change for the better!


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  • I understand what you are saying, but at some point you will have to learn one of life's lessons... falling for someone means that you have to make yourself vulnerable. It comes with the territory. Many have a mental block against this. You will not know whether "the person was worth it" until you give it the chance it deserves. There is always risk in relationships. Like I said you have to make yourself vulnerable to find out if "he" might be the one.

  • You need figure what causes you to feel the way you do
    and work on improving it , try meeting positive minded
    when something negative comes your way, just ignore it
    don't try feeding into it cause it will just make you
    feel more anxious, worried, sad

    • Do you have any idea what makes me feel this way? My persona consists of being easily bored of things, so that may be a possible explanation

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    • Mhmm, I see. Thank you for helping!

    • Your very welcome.:)

  • You need to meet better people who you actually like. You'll figure it out eventually.

  • Maybe you will never find someone. I think this is something a person has to come to terms with unless they want to settle for less than what they want. Having high standards is like playing life on hard mode, it becomes more of a gamble.

    • I don't have high standards. I don't have a checklist with attributes a guy must have in order for me to like them. I just don't like people easily in a romantic way.

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