Does he like me or have I been friendzoned?

I need advice on a guy who is giving me mixed signals?

Was this a date or not? we have been friends for a month? Today at college our classes were postponed until a later time. So he asked me if I'd like to see a movie. So we went for the movie. He didn't open the car door for me. He drove and we paid separately. We do flirt with each other occasionally. He said he wants a girlfriend. He mentions pretty girls to me when I'm around. He stares at me sometimes. He sometimes leans on me, he touched my hair a few times. But sometimes he seems very distant and quiet. Was it a date or not? What's going on? Have I been friendzoned? I need advice thanks


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  • No, to me he is testing you and at the same time trying to see how much he likes you. I don't think you have been fz. I think he is interested, but wanted didn't want to cross any line with you. I would call it a test date from his perspective.


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  • Friend-zoned I think. No way he would have let you pay if he had any inkling that he might want something more than friendship.


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  • I think he considers you as a friend, nothing more. That's my oppinion but I can't see and know how exactly he acts around you..