i like a guy but i don't know if he likes me i'm so conflicted. having a crush is so hard. opinions on the situation?

We've known each other since preschool and never really been friends. When we see each other we say hi but that's it, until this year. We ended up having a class together so we saw each other every day during the semester and started talking a lot. After graduation he tweeted to me about not talking to him graduation day and I told him it was all his fault and he said "I guess I'll have to make it up to you" and I said "you better figure something out!" And he said "well what if we hang out one day, would that work?" And then he got my cell number and texted me. We've been texted a lot back and forth and we have a day set to "hang out" he wants to take me bowling (I suck at bowling, I'll probably embarrass myself but oh well) I don't know if it's a date. When he asked me about it he said "would you like to hang out one day?" I don't know what "hang out" means. It could mean anything and I'm not going to ask, I could ruin a friendship if I ask. WHAT DO I DO


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  • "hang out" could mean anything, you are right. don´t think about sucking at bowling. its cute and it´s not about bowling anyways ;) you can´t ruin a "friendship" by asking him. either he will be flattered and say, that he doesn´t like you that way or he does like you back.

  • He likes you.


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