I am unsure if a girl likes me?

When I recently went to the vets, the vet was talking to me and explaining about how to give treatment to my cat at home. I crossed my arms as I listened. About 15 seconds later the vet also crossed her arms, possibly mirroring. I also noticed she went red and seemed nervous/anxious in her facial expressions. This anxiety/nervousness caused her speech to become blocked whilst giving advice, before continuing again like nothing happened. The following week I saw her in the waiting room talking to other clients and she seemed more sure in herself. I then went back a further week later and I tried to make small talk. I asked her if she had dogs and she replied she had A dog. I asked her about the dog and she said he was a terrier, about the same size as my dog and was two years old. As I couldn't think what to say, it went silent for a second or two. During the silence she then said that my dog received a lot of attention yesterday and he was ill. As I left she said bye, see you later/soon and was watching as I walked out the consulting room, which previous visits she didn't do. Instead she would type up notes on computer.


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  • dude she likes you for sure because on your first visit she was blushing and she felt uncomfortable (like a shy little girl)..and during your little talk she was feeling more comfortable talking about pets and said bye c ya later (she wants to see you later, good sign)


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  • as far as the crossing the arms thing, you crossing yours probably made her uncomfortable so she crossed her arms- a form of protecting herself.

    and since you were making small talk with her, she probably felt like she needed to verbalize a goodbye.

    does she like you? i don't think so

  • it would really be far fetched to say she definitely likes you. Really nobody can tell you anything about it but her. She could have been anxious about something else when she was talking to you.
    You should really make a move to know if she's interested in you in the way you wish. Really you have nothing to lose so just make that move :)


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